Day III: December 13 (Saturday)

08:30 Participants Registration

Session IV Biomass Energy

Coordinator: Dr. Atsushi Chitose (Associate Professor of GSA/TUAT)

09:00 Bioenergy Industry in Brazil 09:00
Dr. Ricardo Shirota (Professor of Luis de Queiroz College of Agriculture, University of São Paulo at Piracicaba – ESALQ/USP)
09:30 Bioenergy Technology Development in Brazil
Dr. Esdras Sundfeld (Chair for Research and Development of EMBRAPA Agroenergy at Brasília – EMBRAPA Agroenergia)
10:00 Challenges of Bioenergy Production and Utilization in Japan
Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF)
10:30 Breeding and Potentials of High-Biomass Rice Varieties for Bioenergy Production in Japan
Dr. Taiichiro Ookawa (Associate Professor of GSA/TUAT)

10:50 Development Trend of Lignocellulosic Biomass Saccharification and Fermentation Technology in Japan
Dr. Makoto Yoshida (Associate Professor of GSA/TUAT)

Session V Round Table – International Cooperation in Agricultural Research and Development Assistance

Part 1: Past Accomplishments and Future Directions of Japan-Brazil Academic Exchanges

Coordinator: Dr. Misa Masuda (Professor of Graduate School of Life and Environmental Sciences, University of Tsukuba – GSLES/UT)


Part 2: Potentials of Joint Efforts between Japanese and Brazilian Universities and Agricultural Research Institutes for Technical Assistance to Developing Countries and Areas

Coordinator: Dr. Yasuhisa Kunimi (Dean and Professor of the United Graduate School of Agricultural Science, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology at Fuchu – UGSAS/TUAT)


Closing Ceremony

Symposium Summary
Dr. Nobuaki Hattori (Tokyo Symposium Committee Secretary General; Vice Dean and Professor of GSA/TUAT)
Remarks of the São Paulo Symposium Committee Representatives
Dr. Marcos Macari (São Paulo Symposium Committee President; President of São Paulo State University – UNESP)
Dr. Elizabeth Criscuolo Urbinati (São Paulo Symposium Committee Chairman; Chief of the External Relations Office, São Paulo State University – AREX/UNESP; Associate Professor of FCAV/UNESP)
Closing Remarks
Mr. Masahiko Suneya(Director of International Cooperation Division, International Affairs Department, Minister’s Secretariat, MAFF)